The Holiday Home by Daniel Hurst

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The perfect holiday or the perfect nightmare …

I sit sipping champagne in the warm water, bubbles frothing around me as I admire the breathtaking view of gorgeous blue skies and mountains. I can’t believe I’m here, at this stunning holiday home. It’s to die for …

My best friend and her husband have invited me and my family to their lakeside property for the weekend, to experience their luxury lifestyle. I’m not envious of their wealth, although I know my husband Ryan is. All I want is to escape from our recent troubles and get my marriage back on track.

Then I overhear Ryan having a whispered conversation late one evening, and he says something that sends a shiver down my spine. In this beautiful paradise, my whole world is turned upside down.

Just when I think things can’t get any worse, I discover a second secret. The truth is even more shocking than I imagine, and now I have no idea who to trust.

This was meant to be the perfect holiday, but someone isn’t going to survive it …

A twist-filled psychological thriller that will keep your heart pounding until the very last page. If you love Behind Closed Doors, Gone Girl and The Housemaid, you’ll be gripped by The Holiday Home.

My review

I’ve been a fan of Daniel Hurst’s writing since his debut novella, 20 Minutes on the Tube, which I found a fascinating read, and I was hooked by his books and have been keeping an eye out for this prolific writer ever since! I love the 20 Minute series and his psychological thrillers, and the Influencing trilogy is great too. When I found out he’d signed with Bookouture, I was keen to read The Holiday Home and take part in the blog tour.

With a dramatic prologue involving gunfire, you’re flung straight into the action in this tense and gripping book, and I couldn’t wait to discover what on earth was happening!

Nicola and her husband, Ryan, and their 11-year-old daughter, Emily, have been invited to stay for the weekend with their best friends, Kim, Lewis and their 15-year-old son, Cole, in their recently purchased four-bedroom luxury holiday home in the Scottish Highlands.

It sounds idyllic – beautiful scenery, a luxurious wooden log cabin with hot tub, peace and quiet – but the two men are irritable, jealous and competitive with each other, teenager Cole is ignoring everyone and even Nicola and Kim, who have been friends since sixth form college, end up sniping at each other after a couple of fractious incidents.

When Nicola overhears a conversation that reveals a shocking secret, the simmering tension in this claustrophobic and uncomfortable environment threatens to overboil in a most dramatic fashion.

It’s a tried and tested trope – a cabin in the middle of nowhere, bad weather, no internet or phone signal and no way to call for help – but the story works well and is very engaging and full of suspense.

Overall, I really enjoyed this well-plotted and tense thriller. There were lots of twists and turns and just when I thought I’d sussed things out, there’d be another revelation and then another one! The intriguing story is fast paced and gripping and, with the short chapters, told from multiple points of view, I sped through the book in a couple of sittings, desperate to find out if anyone would survive.

As ever, I’m keen to see what Daniel Hurst writes next. He’s a very speedy writer and I’m still working my way through the 20 Minute series and have a couple of his other thrillers to read too!

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The Holiday Home by Daniel Hurst can be purchased from Amazon on Kindle and in paperback.

About the author

Daniel Hurst writes psychological thrillers and loves to tell tales about unusual things happening to normal people. He has written all his life, making the progression from handing scribbled stories to his parents as a boy to writing full-length novels in his thirties. He lives in the north west of England, returning to his roots after several years away exploring the world and garnering plenty of ideas for future books!

Twitter: @dhurstbooks
Facebook: @danielhurstbooks
Instagram: @danielhurstbooks
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